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When considering installing new wood floors, or refinishing existing wood floors, it is important to realize that wood is an organic material. Wood has personality, character, and individual quirks, and it changes throughout its lifetime. Understanding these physical properties of wood will help you to have realistic expectations of your hardwood floor.
Being an organic material, wood is described as 'hydroscopic'. This means that it will react to water and humidity by expanding and contracting. Too much humidity in the air will increase the moisture content in the wood and create expansion in the wood. Too little humidity in the air, such as drying caused by heating during the winter, will cause moisture to come out of the wood resulting in shrinking between the floor boards. Air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems should be operating before, during, and after work is performed. The temperature and relative humidity should be at 'normal living conditions', between 60-80 degrees (F) and between 30-50 percent humidity.
Be Prepared
Wood floors are a lifetime investment, adding value and beauty to your home or workplace. As with any major improvement you should expect some disruption and inconvenience. When having wood floors refinished or installed make sure to give the floor contractor the time he needs to complete the job without interference from other trades, such as painters, carpenters, window installers and plumbers. Other trades are allowed the necessary time to complete their jobs, thus so should the wood floor contractor. Before you start your project, be aware of the following:
Sanding and refinishing expectations.
--There will be noise, dust and fumes during this process.
--Even though we use "dustless" machines during the sanding process, and the area may be sealed off with plastic, dust could and probably will infiltrate other areas of the house. Our workers will remove trash and other debris created during the refinishing process but you are responsible for wiping down the walls and trim in the area of work and cleaning up other areas.
  • The odor varies in intensity depending on the type of finish used on your floors.
    • Oil based finish-This finish has a moderate smell when applied that most people do not find offensive. It dries to the touch in eight to ten hours per coat under normal conditions. The finish will amber or darken after application. It is available in gloss or satin sheen.

    • Waterbased finishes-This finish is environmentally friendly, has virtually no smell when applied, and dries in one to three hours per coat. It does not amber or darken over time like oil based finishes. We offer this finish in either gloss or satin sheen.

    • Moisture Cure-This finish has a very strong smell when applied that most people find very offensive. We recommend leaving the area for the entire work period. It takes eight to ten hours to dry to the touch. This is the most durable finish we offer at this time. However, we normally do not recommend this finish for residential use because of the smell and toxicity. Most often this finish is used in commercial establishments such as restaurants, bars and dance halls. This finish is available in a non-yellowing formula (at an additional charge). We offer it in a high gloss sheen.
--Pets. Please arrange for pets to be kept away from work areas in advance. We are not responsible for pets left unattended at the job site.
The schedule.
--Any work schedule discussed with us should not be considered as "written in stone". It is in the best interest of all parties involved with your project to stay on schedule, but factors and circumstances beyond the control of all may change the schedule of your project. As a courtesy, we give our customers tentative schedules for the work to be done so they have a basic idea of how long it may take from beginning to end. However, because the work required to finish your floors properly each day may take from one hour to a full day, depending on the scope of the work, our customers must have flexible schedules throughout the project duration. We cannot be held responsible for work time lost, hotel stays, baby sitting expenses, etc., while work is being done.
--You must ensure that our workers have access to the jobsite.
What Not To Expect From A Wood Floor Finish.
--A table top finish. Each piece of oak flooring sands differently depending on its grain type (plain or quartered) making it virtually impossible for a completely flat surface.
--A dust free finish. Since your floor is being finished in your home, it is not possible to achieve a "clean room" environment. Some dust will fall onto the trim and walls in the area being worked on.
--A monochromatic floor. As a natural product, wood varies from piece to piece. Remember it is not fabricated-it is milled from a tree and will have grain and color variations consistent with the grade and species of flooring selected.
--A floor that will not indent. In spite of the "hardwood", oak flooring will indent under high heel traffic (especially heels in disrepair). The finish that is applied will not prevent dents.
--A floor without cracks between boards or parquet pieces. Although your new floor may start tight together, as a natural product it will continue to absorb and release moisture. This natural process will cause the flooring to expand and contract from season to season resulting in cracks between some pieces in the floor. Some stain colors, such as white, will show this process more than others.

--Understand that furniture, cabinetry, doors, etc., are fabricated in a factory under ideal conditions and contain 1-10 different pieces of wood. Your floor is fabricated in your own home and is made up of 300-1000 pieces. This means that your floor will never be duplicated-a truly custom floor of your own!

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