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Your business depends on the quality and value you provide your customers. Often the look of the hardwood floors in a new home for sale or in a rental property is a strong factor in whether you get the sale at the price you prefer. You need consistently high quality workmanship, reliability, and prompt service. Verrazano Flooring is the company to provide it.

Verrazano Flooring is a leader in quality hardwood flooring installation, sanding and repair in the New York Metro area. We have longstanding contracting partnerships with house builder, architects, interior designers, and housing contractors. (Please see the following page for a selected list of our commercial clients). Why do so many companies rely on us?

Our scheduling fits your scheduling. We offer flexible hours and can adjust to suit your timetable. We have a large, well-qualified staff so we can handle emergency situations with ease. We get it done for you when you need to have it done, and still deliver top quality work.

We carry the proper insurance. Smaller flooring companies can't afford to carry a $2 million dollar insurance policy that guarantees work on large contracts and expensive properties. We can and we do.

Genuine customer service. We provide personalized service. We do the right job at the right price. If you're not happy, we do everything possible to make sure you're satisfied.

We use only choice hardwood. We get the best material available. WE don't cut corners on materials or on work.

Our mechanics are experts. They have years of experience to ensure the quality of their craftsmanship. They have expertise in repairing, sanding and refinishing, as well as custom installation. They do it all.

We're not going anywhere. We own our office building, warehouse, and a fleet of trucks. We're opening a state-of-the-art showroom in the next few months. We answer the phone 24/7, and we call back.

Why Verrazano?, because we're among the best in the business at what we do. And that helps you be the best.

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